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Welcome to Postive Existence, Printing & Design Experts.

We are a third generation, family-owned, design and printing company located in Santa Monica, CA. We have over 55 years experience in the printing business. Our unique ability to offer design and printing in one place allows us to service clients from concept to completion. We understand the importance of brand development and consistency and work to build relationships based on confidence and trust. Our client list is one example of the trust and success we've built over the years.


The commercial printing industry has always relied on technology to get the job done, and now thanks to the evolution of the technology, our print houses can offer services at lower prices. New internet communication technologies and the creation of digital plates makes specialized printing that wasn’t even offered a decade ago affordable for many more business owners, big or small.

Our digital plates are really the main catalyst in this price decrease. Instead of having to create a set of four physical plates for CMYK projects, the image is sent digitally to the printing machine. Doing this saves money and time by allowing the image to be changed multiple times, without having to create a new set of plates.

Another key component in our affordable commercial printing is the use of internet communications in our creative sales processes. Today many clients can upload their image or design, right onto the printing shops website making it much easier for both parties involved. Because the internet is available, we are 24/7.


Positive Existence is environmentally responsible. The following are just \a few ways we are doing our part to preserve Mother Earth.

Presstek - Chemical FREE direct-to-plate technology! The process uses lasers to burn the image to be printed directly onto the plate material which keeps toxic chemicals, that are used in most platesetters and all filmsetters, from being released into the environment. This also increases the quality of the final product and reduces the turnaround time on jobs.

AmeriPride - Completely recycled wash water! All of our rags and uniforms are washed at a state of the art facility which uses a process that recycles the dirty wash water and detergents.

*Vege Ink* - Vegetable oil based inks with organic color! Resin-based inks are the most commonly used throughout our industry. These resins are not only environmentally harmful to produce, but are extremely difficult to dispose of properly without releasing toxins into our air, soil and air. We are currently in the process of switching over to SOY based inks, which are less hazardous to the environment.

Nature Woven - materials are 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable. Sustainable, green printing solutions



• Annual Reports 
• Brochures 
• Bus benches / shelters 
• Catalogs / Booklets 
• Corporate Identity 
• CD/DVD Sleeves 
• Direct Mail 
• Door Hangers 
• Envelopes 
• Event Tickets 
• Greeting Cards 
• Newsletters 
• Websites 
• Point-of-Purchase 
• Postcards 
• Posters 
• Premium Flyers 
• Presentation Folders 
• Rack Cards 
• Signage 
• Sales Data Sheets 
• Stationery 
• Stickers 
• Vinyl Banners