Applications Supported File Types

PREFERRED - this saves time and resolves mistakes before we get to pre-production:

  • PDF: PDF/X-1a:2001

Other formats if necessary:

  • Quark 8 & lower
  • InDesign CS4 & lower
  • Illustrator CS4 & lower
  • Photoshop CS4 & lower

Supported Media

  • CD/DVD Rom
  • Firewire or USB Drives
  • Art Uploads
  • Files 3mb & less can be e-mailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Files larger than 3mb can be uploaded through our website:
  1. Please make sure your file(s) is one of the following formats and has the corresponding file extension:
    PDF, EPS, JPG, TIF, AI, PSD - All other formats will not upload
  2. Click here to go to Upload Files page

Tips for submitting clean electronic files from your native applications.

    1. Document Size: The document size in the page layout application should match the FINAL trimmed size of the printed piece. NO KEYLINES PLEASE. BLEEDS should extend off the page by 1/8”. Put pages in consecutive order. NO PRINTER’S SPREADS PLEASE.

    2. Fonts: Include all fonts for your job in one folder. Include screen (Suitcase) and printer (Postscript) fonts. Use the font list to select BOLD and ITALIC fonts, NOT THE APPLICATION MENU TYPESTYLES.

    3. Graphics & Links: Include all graphics and linked files. Collect everything into one folder and print a directory. Send only the documents you are having us print. NO DUPLICATE FILE NAMES. If burning files to a CD/DVD Rom, if possible please select IOS9000/Hybrid PC & MAC format, PRESERVE MACINTOSH NAMES.

    4. Colors: Set all colors to CMYK for process jobs, NO RGB, INDEX or LAB. When using spot colors, keep all of the color names consistent in the layout files and graphics. Remove unused spot color names.


    1. Photoshop: All Photoshop images should be 250-350 DPI at 100% and bitmaps 1200 DPI. Save Photoshop images as TIFF, EPS or CT. Duotones should be in duotone mode. Save Photoshop images with spot channels as DCS2 with “single file with color composite” selected. Clipping path flatness must be 2 or less.


    1. Illustrator: Illustrator files must have an output resolution of 800 to 2540 DPI. A number lower than 800 will result in choppy curves. In Illustrator 9 set the “Printing and Export” slider to “Higher/Slower” in Document Set-Up.


    1. Blacks: For rich blacks, DO NOT submit a color density greater than 360. Black should be 100% BLACK only.


    1. Special: Folds, scores, die cuts, spot varnish and coating should be included in your files and clearly marked on supplied HARD COPY.


    1. Hard Copy: Provide HARD COPY that reflects the most current version of the document.....Print at 100% size if possible.


  1. TRANSPARENCY in Illustrator & InDesign: To avoid RIP issues when using Transparency...... DO NOT use Transparency in Illustrator or InDesign to create screens of color. Set the color value in the color palette , NOT the Transparency palette. When placing text in conjunction with Transparency ALWAYS bring text to the top, and outline fonts where possible. When placing layered raster graphics utilizing transparent effects ALWAYS FLATTEN files first.
When in doubt call or contact us: 310-314-3537

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